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The Different Types of Corrective Exercise

 Spine illustration        

Neck and spinal misalignment can cause a plethora of problems. It occurs gradually due to poor posture, injuries or an unhealthy diet. Some symptoms of misalignment are joint pain, tingling or numbing sensations, fatigue, backache, headaches and muscle aches. Learn how to work with your chiropractor with these corrective workouts, for rapid relief.

The Isometric Abdominal Muscle Exercise

Support your head with a pillow while you lie on your back. Bend your hips and knees at 90 degrees. Apply pressure into your knees with your hands. Refrain from altering your knee’s angle or position.

Aim to hold for a few seconds, before easing up. You could use the same technique to perform oblique abdominals. The only difference is that you’ll place both hands on one of your knees, with some gentle resistance. Do this for a few seconds several times daily.

The Oblique Side Bridge Workout

Lie on your side here with your legs crossed over at the ankles. Support your weight with your elbow, with your hand firmly placed on the ground. Gradually elevate your torso. Your feet should always remain on the floor. Hold this for a few seconds, and repeat twice daily.

The Lower Back Bridging Exercise

Bend your knees, as you lie on the floor. Gradually elevate your bottom and back from the floor. Remember that your shoulders should remain flat throughout. Upon completion, your torso should be aligned with your knees. You may repeat this several times daily.

The Neck Mobility Corrective Exercise

This corrective exercise enables you to move your neck in all directions. It’s great for neck stiffness, as it improves movement. You may do this in any position, except lying down.

Simply allow your neck to bend downward, then backward, as far as possible. Move it to the left and right as far as possible, then aim your right ear toward your right shoulder and your left ear toward your left shoulder.

The Spine Strengthening Corrective Exercise

Lie flat on your back and stretch your arms, with your right arm elevated a bit from the floor. Simultaneously raise your leg, without bending your knee, and stretch your leg and arm as far as possible. Perform for a few seconds, before switching to the alternate side. This exercise will improve any kinks you may be experiencing too.

Our chiropractors use state-of-the-art techniques that will stimulate fast healing. Schedule your appointment today and we’ll work with you for fast relief.