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Kennedy Decompression Technique

Certified Decompression Therapy Practictioner!


AVOID SPINAL SURGERY: We are now offering non-surgical spinal decompression for the treatment of: Spinal Stenosis, Neck/Back Pain, Arthritis, Herniated and Bulging Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease, Surgery Relapse/Failure, Sciatica and much more!

The Kennedy Neural-Flex Decompression Table (KDT) is an example of the latest technology to be offered by Signature Health & Wellness Center.  This new technology is the FIRST decompression system which adds the capability of advanced treatment of disc problems such as disc herniations and disc buldges as well as nerve and foraminal encroachment syndrome in addition to patients suffering with spinal stenosis.  This decompression table is the ONLY table available allowing patients to be comfortably and effectively treated in the prone (belly down) or supine (belly up) position.  Only the KDT Neural-Flex Technology maintains a true axial pull vector while allowing the patients lower body to be dropped into a deep flexion for added relief.

Call TODAY for a FREE SPINAL DECOMPRESSION CONSULTAION to see if you are a candidate for this procedure.  If you are not a candidate we will let you know!